How do I complete a course when multiple sessions are available?

NOTE: This Help article applies only to courses that offer the ability to change sessions.

For these courses, on the Courses or Programs page of your dashboard, you see options to select a session, change to a different session, or leave a session. You must select a session before you can access the course.

For courses that offer the ability to change sessions, you have the following options.

  • If you were already enrolled in the audit track of a course when you purchased the verified track as part of a program purchase, we automatically enroll you in the verified track for the course, in a current session. You can change to a different session if the one we enrolled you in does not work for you.
  • After you purchase the verified track for a course, you have 15 months from the date of purchase to join a course session. After 15 months, if you have not joined a session, your purchase expires, and you can no longer access the course.
  • After you join a course session (including if we automatically add you to a session as a result of your course purchase), you can change to another session or leave the session and wait to join a later session, within 14 days of the course start date or the date that you joined the session, whichever is later. Leaving a session is not the same as unenrolling from the course. If the current session does not work for you, you can leave a session and wait to decide on joining a later session of the course.
  • Within 60 days from the date of purchase, you can unenroll from the course entirely and get a refund of your course purchase, as long as you have not been in a course session for more than 14 days. If the refund eligibility period has passed (meaning that you will not receive a refund when you unenroll), the unenroll option is not available.

NOTE: for Professional Education courses, you have 2 days within the course start date or the date you joined the course session to change to a different session or to unenroll and request a refund.

Here's an example of the options you'll see on your dashboard if your course offers the ability to change sessions:


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