How does exam proctoring work?

Students who have chosen the Verified track in a course will be asked to re-verify their ID upon launching any proctored exam. During a proctored exam, students will be monitored using video and audio for the duration of the exam, and suspect behavior will be flagged and reviewed within 5 days of exam submission. Most proctored exams use these Online Proctoring Rules for Learners. If your exams has different rules, your course team will let you know.

View the Proctoring System Requirements to ensure that your set-up will work. You cannot take proctored exams using the edX mobile app. Proctoring is only supported on MacOS and Windows machines. We recommend 1GB of free space on your machine, and a functioning webcam is required. Your space should be clean, no writing visible on walls or surfaces, and you should be alone in the room. More details about your test-taking environment will be provided within the course materials.

The proctored exams are offered by a 3rd party vendor called Software Secure. If you get stuck during the proctoring process you are welcome to contact Software Secure's chat which is available 24/7 or call them at 1-844-224-9759


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