What are MicroMasters ™ programs?

MicroMasters™ programs are series of graduate level courses that you take to earn credentials in a specific career field. MicroMasters™ credentials bridge the gap between education and the workplace. MicroMasters ™courses are created by esteemed edX university partners, valued by top companies including Walmart and GE, and linked to specific career outcomes.

MicroMasters™ credentials are also a valuable addition to academic portfolios as the credential offers a pathway to credit. MicroMasters™ programs have no admissions requirements, and are open to anyone.

Once you’ve successfully earned a MicroMasters™ certificate on edX, you can apply to an on-campus program that recognizes the MicroMasters™ credential. If you're accepted, you can apply your MicroMasters credit toward a portion of the degree, resulting in an accelerated program.

For more information, see the edX MicroMasters page.

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