Do edX courses have transcripts or captions?

Yes! EdX course videos have interactive transcripts as well as closed captions. In some courses, the transcripts can also be downloaded.

Turn on interactive transcripts

You can turn on interactive transcripts for a video by clicking the  button in the lower right corner of the video player. Interactive transcripts appear to the right of the screen, and keep pace with the video as it plays.

Turn on closed captions

You can turn on closed captions by clicking the Turn on closed captioning button. Closed captions appear along the bottom of the video.

Download transcript files

Many courses offer downloadable transcripts in .srt or .txt format. You can access the transcripts by clicking the download options below the video window.

SubRip (.srt) files can be opened by most word processor programs and browsers. Please note that .srt files include time information. If you prefer to download a file without the time information, choose the .txt format. This format does not include time data, and therefore might be easier to read. 

To download a video transcript, below the video player, select the download option for the transcript file format that you want. In the dialog that opens, you can choose to open or save the transcript file.

For more information about watching videos in edX courses, see Watching Videos on the edX Video Player in the edX Learner's Guide.



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