What is the deadline to upgrade to a verified certificate?

In general, you have two weeks after a course begins to upgrade to a verified certificate. However, deadlines might vary for specific courses, so you should check your course Home page for important course dates.

You can also check your course's discussions to see if course staff have posted information about deadlines for upgrading to a verified certificate. If you do not see any relevant posts, add a question post in your course's discussion.


Upgrading to a Verified Certificate
To upgrade to the verified track in a course that you are enrolled in, follow these steps.

1. Go to your dashboard on edx.org.

2. Click on the green "Upgrade to Verified" button under the course.

3. Scroll down and click the Checkout button to pay with a credit card, or click Checkout with Paypal.

4. After entering your payment information, click Pay.

Upgrading to the verified track also involves verifying your identity. You need to take two verification photos with your webcam: one photo of yourself, and one photo of a government-issued photo identification card (e.g., passport, license). The verification you submit needs to be approved, which generally takes 2-3 business days. You can check the status of your verification on your dashboard.

For more information about verifying your identity, see Verifying Your Identity in the edX Learner's Guide.


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