Can I receive college credit or credit hours for my course?

The majority of edX courses do not offer college or university credit at this time. We do, however, have a few credit initiatives:

  • An edX partnership with Arizona State University allows students to receive credit for certain edX courses. For more information, see the Global Freshman Academy page.
  • Through Charter Oak State College, edX students can earn credit in select courses. You can view the courses and learn more on the Charter Oak State College page.

For information about credit courses at edX, see Taking a Course for Academic Credit in the EdX Learner's Guide.

Some educational institutions or organizations may offer credit based on edX verified certificates. Students receive verified certificates after they verify their identity and earn a passing grade in a course that offers these certificates. If you are currently associated with a college or organization, contact that organization directly to find out about credit options for verified certificates.


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