How do I unenroll from a course?

To unenroll from a course, follow these steps:

1. Sign in to edX and go to your dashboard.


2. On the Courses page of the dashboard, find the course that you want to unenroll from.

3. Click the "gear" icon next to the View Course or View Archived Course option.



Unenrolling and Refunds

If you unenroll from the verified track of a course within the refund eligibility period, you are unenrolled from the course and automatically receive a refund for your course payment.

If you unenroll from the verified track of a course AFTER the refund eligibiity period has passed, you are unenrolled, but will not receive a refund.

After you have unenrolled from the verified track of a course, you can take the same course without a certificate by re-enrolling in the audit track. Any course progress that you have made remains associated with your username.


Other Options

In courses that offer the ability to change course sessions, in addition to unenrolling, you have the option of changing to another session of the course. For these courses, if the refund eligibility period has passed (meaning that you will not receive a refund), the unenroll option is not available.

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