Finding and Enrolling in Courses in the edX App

Finding Courses

All of the courses on are available on the edX app. However, depending on the type of problems used in the course, you might not be able to complete all the course assignments or exams using the app.

To browse courses, select Discover Courses in the edX app, or select Discover from the app’s main menu. You do not need to have an edX account or be logged in to browse courses. From the My Courses page in the app, you can also browse courses by tapping the search icon in the top corner.

When you find a course that interests you, select the course to view its About page. The About page includes course details, such as the course start date, the length of the course and effort required, whether a certificate is offered, the language that the course is taught in, and so on. Many About pages include a informational video about the course.

For more information about edX courses and course availability, see About edX Courses.

Enroll in Courses

To enroll in a course, select Enroll Now from the course About page. You must log in or register on before you can enroll.

When you initially enroll in a course, you join the audit track for a course. If the course includes a verified track and the upgrade deadline for the course has not passed, you can upgrade to the verified track to earn a certificate.

For more information about enrolling and about course tracks, see Enrolling in edX Courses or Programs and What Enrollment Tracks Does a Course Offer?

Unenroll From a Course

To unenroll from a course, use a web browser to go to your dashboard on the website. Follow the directions in Unenroll from a Course.


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