Can I take a course entirely on my mobile device?

The answer depends on the types of problems that are used in the course you are taking. If a course contains mobile-friendly problem types, you can complete those types of problems using the mobile app. You cannot take timed exams or proctored exams using the mobile app.

You can watch course videos on the mobile app, and can also download videos to your mobile device for watching when you do not have an internet connection. When you have an internet connection, you can also read course announcements, participate in course discussions, and complete the mobile friendly problems in your assignments.

Note: EdX recommends that you complete all of your graded assignments in a web browser on a computer. If your course includes timed exams or proctored exams, you cannot take them using the edX app.

Course Options

After you enroll in a course, you find it listed under My Courses in the main menu.

Open a course to access the main course screen.


Courses can include any of the following options:

  • Course - Access course content including videos, organized based on the course outline.
  • Videos - Download or stream course videos, organized by course sections.
  • Discussion - Read and make posts in course discussions.
  • Handouts - Access any documents shared by the course team, such as the course syllabus or special reading material.
  • Announcements - Read a welcome message or course update messages from the course team.
  • Important Dates - View a summary of important course dates, including assignment and exam due dates.
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