Viewing, Searching, and Hiding Your Notes

You can view your course notes in two places:

  • Where you created the notes
    To see your notes, go to the unit that contains your note and move your cursor over or select the highlighted text. When you select the highlighted text, your note remains open until you move outside the highlighted text.
  • The Notes page
    The Notes page provides a list of the notes you have made in your course. Each note includes a link to the note's location in the course, the time and date you last edited the note, and any tags that you added. You can also search your notes and tags on this page by entering text in the Search notes for... field.


Show or Hide Your Notes

By default, you can see all of your notes. You can hide your notes, and show them again, by selecting the pencil icon in the lower right corner. When the pencil icon has a dark gray background, notes are visible. When the pencil icon has a light gray background, notes are hidden.

Note: If you hide notes, you cannot make new notes. To make new notes, select the pencil icon to show notes.

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