What is my dashboard?

Your dashboard lists all of the courses that you are enrolled in. Access your dashboard by opening the dropdown menu next to your username at the top of any page, and clicking Dashboard.

Your dashboard has three pages.

The Courses page lists all the courses you have enrolled in, whether the course is current or has ended. This page provides links to your courses and allows you to change course settings, such as email subscription settings.

The Programs page lists any programs (such as MicroMasters, Professional Certificate, or XSeries programs), that you are enrolled in, or that are associated with courses you are taking. Programs appear on this page if you are enrolled in any course that is part of that program. Click on a program to go to the program details page.

The Profile page shows the personal profile that you create to optionally share information about yourself on edX. If you choose to add profile information, course teams and other learners in your courses can view the information you share. For more information, see Adding Profile Information.



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