Joining or Leaving a Team

Some courses include activities or projects that require working in small groups. Course staff create topics that you can choose from. After you choose a topic that interests you, you join or form a team with other learners who are interested in that topic.

Note: You can only belong to one team at a time. If you belong to a team, but find another team that you want to join, you must leave the first team before you can join a new one.

If you must leave a team, make sure you communicate with your fellow team members and let them know why and when you are leaving. This is especially important if you are part of the way through your course, and you and your team have been working together on a project or activity.

To Join a Team

  1. Browse or search for a team you want to join.
  2. When you have found a team you want to join, select Join Team.
    Note: If a team is full, or if you already belong to a team, the Join Team button is not available.
  3. You are added as a member. Your profile is added to the list of team member profiles, and you can participate in the team’s discussions. The team that you joined appears on your My Team page.


To Leave a Team

Note: EdX recommends that you do not change teams after work in a course has started without carefully considering the impacts to your work and that of your fellow learners.

  1. On the Team Details page, select Leave Team.
  2. In the confirmation dialog, select Leave Team.
    After you leave a team, you are no longer visible in the team membership profiles list, or in the membership count. Although you can still view the team’s discussions, you can no longer participate in them.



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