Creating a Team

If you do not want to join any of the existing teams in a topic, you can create a new team. When you create a new team in a topic, you are automatically added as a member.

Note: You cannot create a team if you already belong to a team.

To Create a Team

    1. On the Teams page in the course, find a topic that you are interested in.

    2. Select the topic’s arrow button to see the teams that exist in that topic.

    3. At the bottom of the list of teams within the topic, select the create a new team in this topic link.

    4. On the Create New Team page, add a name and description for the team.

      In the description, include details about your proposed project or activity to help other learners to decide whether they want to join your team and work with you.

    5. (Optional) Include some optional details for your team. You can specify a language that members would primarily use to communicate with each other, and a country that members would primarily identify with. Keep in mind that if your team details make the team membership seem too selective, other learners might be discouraged from joining.

      Note: Be careful in entering your team details. After you save the details for your new team, you cannot change them, and you cannot delete your team. 

    6. When you have finished adding your team details, click Create.

      Your new team appears in the list of team under your selected topic. You are automatically added as a team member.


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