Setting up the proctoring software

When you access a proctored exam in the course, a page opens that provides you with a link to download and install the online proctoring software.

Note: Check the Proctoring Software System Requirements to ensure that your set up will work.

To Install and Set up Proctoring Software

  1. On the proctoring software page, locate and copy your unique exam code.
  2. Select Start System Check to download the online proctoring software.

    Note: Even if you have previously installed this software, you must install it again to make sure you have the latest version.

  3. When the download is complete, start the online proctoring software and follow the instructions to perform the required system checks. If the system checks are successful, you are prompted to enter the exam code that you copied in step 1.
  4. In the online proctoring software window, paste the code into the Exam Code field, and then select Validate. If your exam code is valid, the name and duration of your exam appear.
  5. Select Next, and then read the information in the Terms of Use dialog box for the proctoring software. If you agree to the terms of use, select I agree.

    Note: If you do not agree to the terms, select I don’t agree. You can then quit the online proctoring software and return to the edX course. However, you cannot receive credit for the course.

  6. On the Pre-Exam Advisory Information page, read the advisory information, and then select Next.
    A software check runs to determine if any prohibited programs are running on your computer.
  7. After the check runs, close any programs that the software specifies.

If you encounter any issues, select Contact Support in the proctoring software window to contact technical support.

Next Step: Take a picture of your photo ID.

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