Taking a Practice Proctored Exam

Your course might include an optional practice proctored exam, so that you can ensure you have set up and can complete proctored exams on your computer. The practice exam usually includes several example problems. The proctoring session for this exam is not reviewed, and this exam is not graded.

Note: Practice exams do not affect your grade or your eligibility for credit.

To take a practice proctored exam

  1. In the course, open the practice exam.
  2. On the practice exam page, select Yes, I want to take this practice exam with online proctoring.
  3. Follow the steps in Set Up the Proctoring Software to download and install the proctoring software and perform system and identity checks.
    When you have successfully set up the proctoring software, your proctoring session starts.
  4. Begin the exam.
    1. Keep the proctoring software window open.
    2. Return to the edX page where you copied your exam code.
    3. Select Start Proctored Exam.
  5. When you have completed all the questions, end the exam.
    1. On the timer bar, select End My Exam.
    2. Close the proctoring software browser window.
    3. When you receive a prompt, confirm that you want to quit the application.

After you complete the practice exam, the result page for the exam is visible in the exam browser window. For a practice exam, two results are possible:

  • Your practice proctored exam is complete: You completed the exam and experienced no issues with the proctoring software.
  • Your practice proctored exam failed: You completed the exam, but there were issues with the proctoring software. Some parts of the proctoring checks might have failed, or the proctoring software window might have closed before the exam ended.

You can retry a practice exam as many times as you want to. If you received a Failed result on your practice exam, you should try to fix any issues and take the practice exam again until you achieve a Completed result. Doing so will help you to make sure you can successfully take an actual proctored exam in the course.

If you have problems with the proctoring software, select Contact Support in the proctoring software window.


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