Scanning your desk and room using your webcam

You must scan the desk and room in which you will take the proctored exam using your webcam. The video is used to confirm that there are no unauthorized materials on your desk or table, under your desk or table, or in the room.

Note: You must complete a webcam scan of the room every time you take a proctored exam. You do not have to take all of your proctored exams in the same room.

To Scan your Desk and Room Using your Webcam

  1. In the proctoring software window, select Start Room Scan.
  2. Move your webcam so that it captures the area on your desk as well as under your desk, then pan around the room.
    Note: If you cannot move your webcam, use a mirror to show the webcam your desk, under your desk, and areas around the room. You must also show the webcam both sides of the mirror you use, to prove that nothing is written on the back of the mirror.
  3. Select Stop Room Scan when you have finished videoing the requested areas.
  4. Preview and confirm the room and desk scan.
  5. If the room and desk scan clearly shows your test environment, select the checkbox and select Confirm Room/Desk Scan.
    Note: Although you can select the checkbox, you must wait until the recorded scan has finished replaying before you can select Confirm Room/Desk Scan.
  6. If you are not satisfied with the scan, select Retake to try again.

Next Step: Take a photo of yourself

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