Taking a photo of yourself using your webcam

When you are preparing to take a proctored exam, you must take a photo of yourself using your webcam to verify your identity. You receive a prompt to take a photo of yourself using your webcam.

  1. Follow the instructions to position yourself in front of your webcam.
  2. When you are ready to take the photo, select Take User Photo.
    There is a countdown before the camera takes the photo.
  3. Preview and confirm that your photo is clear, and can be used to verify that you are the same person as in the photo ID.
  4. If the photo is clear, select the checkbox and select Confirm User Photo.
    If the photo is not clear, select Retake User Photo to try again.

When you have completed all the setup and verification steps, you see a page with the message "Your Proctoring Session Has Started". You have successfully set up the proctoring software, and the software has started recording a proctoring session.

Note: You must not close this browser page until you have finished your exam.

Return to the browser window where you were accessing the exam on edx.org, and begin the exam.

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