About Course Wikis

Some courses include a wiki, which provides a public forum for both students and the course team to access, share, and collaboratively edit information about the course. If your course includes a wiki, you access it by selecting the Wiki tab at the top of any page. (If your course does not include a wiki, this tab is not present.)

The instructional team for your course might use the wiki for the following purposes, among others.

  • Sharing answers to course FAQs and collecting new FAQs.
  • Sharing editable course information, such as download and installation instructions for software required for the course.
  • Allowing students to create and share resources, perhaps as part of a collaborative exercise.
  • Sharing errors and corrections for the course.
  • Collecting suggestions for future runs of the course.

As a student, you can perform the following tasks, depending on the permissions that are set for the wiki.

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