Completing Mathematical Problems Using Screen Readers

EdX has carefully designed assessments that are accessible to screen readers. However, because of a limitation with HTML and screen reader technology, you may not be able to read all math problems in edX problems using a screen reader.

To access math problems with a screen reader, use one of the following methods.

  1. If your browser and screen reader both support MathML, specify MathML as your preferred math renderer in MathJax.
  2. Switch from your screen reader’s Interactive mode to Reading mode.
Note: Your screen reader may use different names for Interactive mode and Reading mode.
  • In Interactive mode, use the Tab key to move from one interactive element to the next.
  • In Reading mode, use the arrow keys to read all of the content in a document, and not just the interactive elements.

For more information about how to make sure that your screen reader reads all available content, see the instructions for your screen reader.

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