How do I take a timed exam?

Timed exams are sets of problems that you must complete in a limited amount of time.

Timed exams are indicated on the Course page by a clock icon and the label Timed Exam.

When you start taking a timed exam, a timer on the course page counts down the amount of time that you have remaining to complete the exam. You cannot pause or reset the timer. When there is no time remaining, the course page automatically submits your exam.

The time limit for an exam applies to all of the units in an exam section. If an exam includes problems on multiple unit pages, you must complete the problems on each unit page before you submit the exam or before the time runs out.

Taking a Timed Exam

  1. Open the timed exam page in the course.
  2. Find the length of the time limit on the exam page. Make sure that you have enough time available to complete the exam.
    Note: You will not be able to pause or restart the exam after you begin.
  3. Select I am ready to start this timed exam.
  4. Complete the problems in each unit of the exam. Select Submit to score the problems in the unit. If you do not select Submit, your responses will not be scored
  5. Monitor the amount of time remaining in the time display at the top of the course page.
    When 20% of the time remains, the time display bar darkens to alert you. When 5% of the time remains, the text on the time display bar becomes bold. You can hide the amount of time that remains in your exam by selecting the icon that is located next to the timer. To show the remaining time, select the icon again.
  6. After you have completed and checked all the units in the exam, select End My Exam at the top of the course page. If you run out of time, the exam will end automatically.

Note: You must select Submit to score the problems in each unit of an exam. If you submit an exam without selecting Submit in a unit, your exam results will not include scores for any of the problems in that unit.

Hiding the Exam Timer

By default, in timed exams you see a timer that shows the amount of time remaining. You can hide or show the timer.

  • To hide the timer, select the eye icon that is located next to the timer.
  • To show the timer, select the eye icon again.

Requesting Additional Time

To accommodate specific needs, course teams and instructors can increase the time allowed to complete an exam. Contact your course team to get information on whether extra time may be available for your exam.

Note: You must request additional time before you begin a timed exam.

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