Using Functions in Math Expressions

To use a function, type the letters that represent the function, and then surround the expression in that function with parentheses. For example, to represent the square root of 4*a+b4*a+b, type sqrt(4*a+b).

You can use the following functions:

  • Common functions:
    • sqrt
    • log10
    • log2
    • ln
    • exp
    • abs
  • Trigonometric functions and their inverses, as well as hyperbolic trigonometric functions and their inverses:
    Function Inverse Hyperbolic Function Inverse
    sin arcsin sinh arcsinh
    cos arccos cosh arccosh
    tan arctan tanh arctanh
    sec arcsec sech arcsech
    csc arccsc csch arccsch
    cot arccot coth arccoth
  • Factorials: Enter factorials as fact(3) or factorial(3). You must use integers. For example, you cannot enter fact(1.5).

  • A “parallel resistors” operator (||). For example, 1 || 2 represents the resistance of a pair of parallel resistors (of resistance 1 and 2 ohms), evaluating to 2/3 (ohms).
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