I passed my course and am in the verified track! Where can I find my certificate?

Congratulations on earning a verified certificate! 

For instructor-paced courses (that is, courses that release materials on a set schedule), certificates are generated automatically about a week after the course end date for all students who are in the verified track and have earned a passing score in the course.

When the certificates are ready, a View Certificate link appears on your dashboard.

A course on the learner dashboard with an arrow pointing to the View Certificate option.

Many self-paced courses now offer on-demand certificates. When students in the verified track achieve a passing score, a Request Certificate option appears on the course Progress page.   


When you click Request Certificate, your certificate is generated. When the certificate is ready (typically after one minute), links to view or download the certificate are visible on your dashboard and on the course Progress page.

Other self-paced courses, including CS50x, generate verified certificates every one to three months. When the certificates are ready, a View Certificate link appears on your dashboard.

For more information, see Receiving Your Certificate in the EdX Learner's Guide.

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