Changing the time zone

In your account settings, you can set your local time zone so that course dates and times are displayed in your local time.

If you do not select a time zone, the following dates and times are shown in your web browser's time zone:

  • Course dates and times in the body of courses you are enrolled in
  • Dates and times on the Progress page in your courses
  • Course dates and times on your Dashboard page

If you do not set a time zone, some dates and times elsewhere on might use Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). To convert UTC to your local time, check World Time Server or other Internet time services. 

Time Zone Indicators

Dates and times that use your local time zone or the browser time zone are in military time and are followed by a time zone indicator. For example, 17:00 Sept 16, 2018 IOT.

Dates and times in UTC do not have a time zone indicator.

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