How do I link my edX account to Google, Facebook, or Microsoft?

To log in to edX using your Google, Facebook, or Microsoft account, you need to link that account in your edX account settings.

Note: Microsoft account linking is only available to certain corporate Microsoft 365 accounts.

To link your Google, Facebook, or Microsoft account to your edX account

  1. After logging in to edX, select the dropdown menu next to your username, then select Account.
    The dropdown menu next to the user name, with the Account option highlighted.
  2. Select the Linked Accounts tab near the top to see the buttons to link your social media accounts for one click sign-in.
    The Linked Accounts tab with
  3. If you are signed in to your Facebook, Google, or Microsoft account in the same browser, selecting the Link Your Account button will link this account. If you are not logged in, you will be asked to sign in first. 

Note: After you link your accounts, whenever you sign in your Facebook, Google, or Microsoft account, you also automatically sign in to your edX or edX Edge account.


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