What happens if I need to stop taking a course?

There are no academic penalties associated with not finishing a course on edX. If you cannot complete a course, you have several options.

  • If you are enrolled in the audit track of a course, you can simply stop taking the course. There is no need to unenroll.
  • If you paid for the verified track of a course, you can unenroll and get a refund, if you unenroll within the refund eligibility period. After the refund eligibility period has passed, you can still unenroll from the course, but you do not get a refund.

Some courses offer the ability to change course sessions. In these courses, in addition to unenrolling from the course, you have these options:

  • You can change to another available session of the course;
  • You can leave your session and wait until a session that works for you becomes available.

Note: If the refund eligibility period has passed (meaning that you will not receive a refund), the unenroll option is not available. For more information, see How do I complete a course when multiple sessions are available?

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