Who can take an edX course? How do I sign up?

EdX courses are open to everyone. All you need is access to a computer with a current browser, an Internet connection, and, of course, a desire to learn.

To begin, please register for an edX account. You will need to:


  • Enter your email address
  • Enter your full name
  • Create a public username for the forums
  • Create a password
  • Select your country
  • Agree to the Honor code and terms of service
  • Click "Create your account"

Then, when you find a course you are interested in in the course catalog, you can enroll in the course by selecting the “Enroll Now” button on the course About page. 

Registering for an edX account is completely free! You can also take courses for free, or you can choose to pay a fee and pursue a verified certificate.


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