Highlight a Passage or Add a Note

You can use either the mouse or keyboard shortcuts to create, access, and delete notes. For more information about using keyboard shortcuts, see Keyboard Shortcuts for Notes.

To highlight a passage or add a note that includes text and tags

  1. Select the text that you want to highlight or make the note about. You can select as much text as you want.
  2. When a pencil “edit” icon appears above the selected text, select the icon to open the note editor.
  3. When the note editor opens, enter your note and any tags that you want to add. You can also save the highlight for the passage without entering a note or tag.
    • To highlight a passage without adding a note or tag, select Save or press Enter. When you move your cursor over the highlighted text, the note field contains the words “no comment”.
    • To enter a note, select Comments, and then type the text of your note. Your note can contain as many words as you want.
    • To add one or more tags, select Add some tags here, and then type any tags that you want to add.
    • Tags cannot contain spaces. If you want to add a tag that has more than one word, type multiple words as one word with no spaces, or use hyphens (-) or underscores (_) to separate words in the tag.
  4. After you finish writing your note and adding tags, select Save or press Enter. The note editor closes, and the text that you selected remains highlighted.
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