Enterprise Data Sharing Consent questions

If you come to edX through your employer, edX may ask your permission to share data about your learning achievements with your employer. This typically occurs when your employer sponsors your enrollment in edX courses or programs.


By consenting to share your data, you allow edX to share information about your learning progress, such as when you enroll or complete, whether you finish specific parts of the course, your final grade, or whether you earn a certificate.  Consenting to share data with your employer enables you to redeem a company benefit and enroll in the course through your employer’s gateway. If you do not consent, then you will not be able participate in the course or program through your employer.


More about the consent process

  • Your permission applies only to data from courses or programs that are sponsored by your organization and not to data from any edX courses or programs that you take on your own.
  • Once you grant your permission to allow data to be shared with your employer, you may not withdraw your permission but you may elect to un-enroll from any courses or programs that are sponsored.
  • If you decline to consent, that fact may be shared with your employer.


What to do after you decline to consent

If you decline to consent, you can restart the course enrollment process at any time, with the present course or with another offered through your employer.


If you have concerns about sharing your data, please contact the learning manager or administrator in your company.

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